Me and roommate we have such different schedules that sometimes we might not see each other for days, even though we´re living under the same roof. Not cool. Yesterday we decided that today we´ll dine together and catch up on each other´s lives so I made us a cute candle light dinner.


I have two New Year´s resolutions:
1) This one´s for you mom: I will re-awake this blog and try posting a bit more often than what you´ve lately been used to.
2) I´m going to re-awake also my gym membership and make time for exercise. We´ll see how that´ll work...

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Gita kirjoitti...

Looks like a lovely dinner. And what a great painting :)! Gosh, tell me about NY resolutions... Mine also includes a bit more active lifestyle, eek ;)!


Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Eagerly awaiting new updates. I browsed your recent SPB pics once again - you are truly catching the spirit of the town. Kisses, Mom