Last Sunday with grandma we did this year´s last road trip to our summer house and at the same time a storm called Eino hit there. It was exciting: We had a blast exploring the beach and watching the waves crushing on the rocks. 

Last week was super busy and I didn´t have the time to post a thing. At school we had to present our first fabric collections and the last days before the deadline were hectic. But I managed to pull it off and everything was done on time. I´ll post some pics as soon as possible. 


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Gita kirjoitti...

What an absolutely lovely cabin. I'd love to spent a few weeks there, just relaxing, listening to the waves, reading books. Gorgeous photos, girl <3.


DEA kirjoitti...

Hmmmmm not a bad idea... Actually it sounds damn perfect at the moment. And thank you for your sweet comment, dear!